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A Bigger Picture

A Bigger Picture (ABP) has been created to facilitate your one to three month internship at a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) in Cape Town, South Africa. Placements are available to all students and young professionals Ina wide range of fields, allowing you to intern within your area of interest. ABP offers an all-round experience that includes weekly cultural and tourist excursions, an opportunity to meet and socialize with young South Africans and a chance to fully immerse yourself in life and work in the vibrant and multi-cultural city of Cape Town.

Company Principles

At ABP we believe that every person holds a unique piece of the puzzle and we commit to empowering you to make a difference in the world by coaching you to use your unique skills to create new pictures all the time.

You will gain real world experience to ground your theories and by being a piece of a new picture, you’ll be able you to use what you have learnt to impact others (while being developed and impacted yourselves).

ABP will help you find your “fit” and give you the opportunity to learn, grow and develop in many ways.

Meet the team

Penny van Zyl – Director – PGDMM – Postgraduate Diploma Management, Marketing – UCT 2016

Penny has had 15 years experience working in the International Academic Programmes Office at the University of Cape Town. Her experience is concentrated on orientation, student life support & emergency response and housing facilitation.
Penny has a vast network of contacts in the higher education sector across the world. She has travelled extensively in North America and Europe, visiting many university campuses during her travels. She understands the environments that students are coming from and this enables her to offer the right kind of support they will need while in South Africa.

Penny’s practical experience at dealing with emergency situations during her time at UCT has given her the skills to deal with any situation that could arise. She is well known for her calm and level-headed approach and the excellent support that she offers to students and parents alike.

Liz Cilliers – Mentor

Liz CilliersLiz is a proud South African citizen and a postgraduate student at the University of Cape Town. Having grown up in the rainbow nation and having also lived in Malawi and Zambia, she has come to appreciate the beauty of rich and diverse cultures. Her ambition is to share the experience of South Africa’s true beauty and spirit with others. Liz has two years’ experience at working as an Orientation Leader for the University of Cape Town’s Semester Study Abroad programme.

Anthony Jacob – Mentor

Anthony JacobsAnthony is a 4th year finance student at the University of Cape Town. He a thrill seeker and spends his free time either wakeboarding or surfing at Muizenberg. Anthony worked for a year as an Orientation Leader for the University of Cape Town’s Semester Study Abrad programme and through his interactions with exchange students he has developed an appreciation for diversity and travel. He is always looking forward to the next adventure and showing people around this beautiful city he calls home.

Jorgina Akushika – Mentor

Jorgina Akushika is currently pursuing an Honors Degree in Geology at the University of Cape Town. She is from Windhoek, Namibia the only place where the desert meets the ocean.

Jorgina speaks four languages (English, Oshiwambo, Afrikaans and German) which has helped her to connect with people from different backgrounds. She was an Orientation Leader for the University of Cape Town’s Semester Study Abroad programme for a year and enjoys helping students from all over the world settle in a foreign country.

Shaun Foster – Mentor

Shaun is a really friendly guy who absolutely loves making visitors feel welcome to Cape Town. He is a 5th year student at the University of Cape Town, starting a second degree in 2017. Shaun was an Orientation Leader for the University of Cape Town’s Semester Study Abroad programme for a year and is also very active on campus as the Chairman of the Commerce Student Council, a head finance tutor and a member of various student committees at the university. He works really hard, but believes in having fun too and is a keen golfer in his spare time – he’s up to the challenge if anyone fancies a round!